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What does this mean to you as a client of Cougar Metal?

  1. One of our 4 experienced Project Managers will be assigned your project to provide pro-active management of:

    • Your production schedule

    • Long lead item purchasing

    • Review for value engineered proposals to save both client and owner time and/or money

    • items which may be required to “Hold” to ensure the project critical path

  2. Our QC dept will control review of:
    • shop drawings from welding or galvanizing

    • welding requirements

    • potential warpage from welding or galvanizing

    • adequate galvanizing drainage

    • on site review during the paint stage to review blast profiles and paint coating dry film thickness

      • ensuring that environmental conditions are conductive to proper paint adhesion
    • final tie down and chain up of trucking contractor
    • All mill certificates for raw materials
  3. Fast Track or accelerated schedules
    • a representative is available to you 24/7

  4. Full access to our Design/Build engineering team if the scope of the project needs to be expanded.



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